Osi Affiliate

Do you love using social media and your creativity to develop your own marketing strategies that you think can help drive sales and produce revenue?  

Now you can join our team and earn commision for your expertise and start today!

  • Earn up tp 40% commission for Jewelry sales.
  • Earn 5% commission for Apparel and Other Accessory sales. 
  • Recieve a unique link + discount code that will give everyone you refer 20% off
  • Fast & easy commission payments through Paypal
  • Track every sale and your analytics through your own personal dashboard
Our company is growing fast because of our unified efforts to deliver excellet products and customer expieriences.
We want to provide you with a very unique opportunity to join us in elevating to the next level. 
Thank you so much for your time, efffort, and consideration!
Alexander Valentin 

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